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  • How to build a T-shirt Program to Market your brand and bring in BIG Revenue!

    T-shirts are a genius way to spread the word about your company. You can find stories all over the internet about how people have made as much as 980k in some circumstances simply by marketing with T-shirts. It's a fluid way to passively market in your community in a way that increases brand recognition, trust in your brand by building familiarity through repetitive exposure, as well as creating opportunities for word of mouth referrals.

    Each time someone sees a shirt adorned with your business or brand, they become more familiar with the name. This familiarity builds trust. People want to work with businesses and brands who they trust. And each time a person wears a shirt with your information on it, it creates the potential for word or mouth referrals. T-shirts become a walking billboard. I know that every time I wear a T-shirt somewhere, someone asks me about it, I can be in line at the tire and lube and someone will strike up a conversation about my t-shirts. I will see someone at a bar who gets super stoked about a band t-shirt I am wearing and asks me where they can find it. I will often wear shirts with my business logo on it out to the bar and simply wearing that shirt creates opportunities to share my information and I have creating amazing new relationships with so many awesome new clients just by wearing a T-shirt. It's a great conversation starter!

     Here's how you can market with T-shirts too:

     Design your shirt.

    Keep it simple. Something with your logo on the front and a simple message that people will relate to and appreciate on the back will do the trick. If you need help with your logo, you can find assistance all over. We offer assistance with design along with our screen printing services as an effort to help our clients out!

    Fill your own wardrobe up with your own T-shirts.

    If you don't want to wear it, will someone else? Make it awesome. Make it represent you. Create your own opportunities. Commit to wearing your t-shirts in public on a regular basis. Create an effective 30 second elevator pitch to have ready when someone asks you about your shirt. For example: Our shirts say IS Studio and have some information on the back. When I wear our shirts out, someone might ask, "IS Studio, what's that?" Crafting a great 30 second elevator pitch can help peak their interest and engage a more in depth conversation about what you have to offer. Even if they aren't interested in your business, they might still want to wear a shirt to help spread the word. Everyone loves t-shirts!

    Give away some shirts!

    Yes, you read that right. Give them away! Create space in your budget for t-shirt marketing. It's a one time fee that multiplies in value every time someone wears your shirt. Give them to your friends, offer them on social media, toss them to the crowd at a parade. JUST GET THEM OUT THERE. Your friends, family, and strangers whom you share these gifts with will wear these shirts everywhere they go! They will wear them grocery shopping, to work, to the bar. Your friends could work at some rad places like Google, Turner, and other large companies. This is passive marketing at it's best! You never know who you'll strike up a conversation with while you're out. I ran into one of my favorite actors at the grocery store just yesterday. Opportunities are everywhere!

    Once all is said and done, be sure to thank everyone who helps to spread the word and support your business or brand.