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  • Bring your creation to life in 3 easy steps!

    If you have an idea and want to bring it to life, we are here to help. We do our best to make the process as easy as possible. It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. We have made some recent changes with our ordering process as we are moving all orders online. It's super simple though and we are excited to streamline things and make things easier on YOU! 

    1. Your first step is to fill out your order form. Fill out as many details as you can about what you would want for your design. If you have multiple designs for your order, that's ok! Simply Choose "Yes" on the last question listed on the form when we as you if you want to have additional products printed for your order. 

    2. We will invoice you for your deposit or payment. During this phase, we'll email or call you to clarify additional details we might need to know about your order. Our form allows you to make notes on any changes you might need to your artwork and give additional details. If you need to contact us further regarding your order, you can do so by email us at at any time. Your order will begin production once you have paid for your invoice. 

    3. We will contact you once your order is complete! It usually takes around 7 business days from the point you pay your depsosit. Once it's ready, you're welcome to come by the shop, look around, see the magic happen, and grab your one of a kind design! Don't live in Atlanta? That's cool too, we ship nationally. 

    Screenprinting should be a hassel for you. Let us handle the heavy lifting. We hope this clarified our new process and we look forward to seeing what cool designs you'll be sending our way! 

  • 5 Reasons to Market your Brand with T-shirts

    T-shirts. A staple of the American wardrobe. We wear t-shirts around here almost every day (of course we do; we love t-shirts!). According to our Instagram (@isstudioatl) survey, the mojority of our followers wear a t-shirt EVERY DAY! And think about it, they will wear that t-shirt multiple times, to multiple places, for months and years to come. T-shirts are powerful and can send any message. T-shirts also have countless ways to market. The return on t-shirts is SO GREAT, that even if you sell each of your custom t-shirts with your branding on it at cost, you will gain return in multiple ways. 

    1. When someone buys your shirt, that t-shirt will be reused and worn all over your community and every place that person travels. Your customers essentially become WALKING ADVERTISEMENTS. That is essentially free marketing.

    2.  Custom t-shirts representing your brand increases brand recognition, which is HUGE in building your reputation in your community. 

    3. You can aquire new quality leads who are ready to engage with what your business markets! 

    4. T-shirt marketing develops TRUST. You have a t-shirt, aka YOU'RE LEGIT. Marketing your business with t-shirts has an air of professionalism. 

    5. In today's world, people are so oversaturated with advertising, and younger generations have developed better and better ways to filter out marketing generated in their direction. Marketing your business with t-shirts gets around multiple filters because nearly everyone likes an awesome t-shirt! 

    How to get your idea to the masses? 

    1. People will do almost anything for a free T-shirt. Want to really get people on board? Have a raffle, build your customer base with a give-a-way. 

    2. Sell them at cost. Take the hit, it will be worth it. Every time someone reuses a t-shirt, you are getting multiplied value that exceeds any online marketing that you can imagine. 

    3. Get involved in your community! Our neighborhood likes to host a lot of parades and festivals. We find this is a great opportunity to put our name out there and increase our presence in the community. You can rent a booth and market your business from there, or even simply give away your items to a group present. 

    T-shirts are a priceless marketing tool in your business bag of tricks. Don't miss out on the opportunity to present your business and your brand at it's best! 

    And just like always, feel free to contact us with questions, inquiries, and quotes!