Silk Screen Printing Jobs Archives

Who Is Kaddy Kobain?

IS Studio screen printed graphic tees for Atlanta artist Kaddy Kobain. While printing his album tshirts we listened to the Nirvana tribute.

Custom Graphic T Shirts Screen Printed For The Democratic Party

IS Studio is honored to design and screen print graphic t shirts for the democratic party presidential race in 2020.

T-shirt Screen Printing For The NC Democratic Party

IS studio is t-shirt screen printing for the democratic party in Troutman, Iredell County, NC. The shirts fund raise for the 2020 race,

More Screen Printed “God Is Dope” T Shirts Coming Soon!

We’re so blessed to be printing for “God Is Dope”. This week we’re printing thousands of T shirts to be sold in stores.

God Loves T Shirt Screen Printing

We’ve been screen printing a lot of T shirts for the faith based community! Get your custom clothing via IS Studio in Atlanta. Call 404-329-4543

Feeling Creative

I was feeling hella creative when I made this screen printed t-shirt for the equestrian charity “Riders Give Back”. Call 404-329-4543.

Screen Printing Courier: A Typical Day

A day in the life of a courier working with screen printing companies like IS Studio & the print industry in Atlanta, Georgia.

All In A Days Screen Printing

Got to work and the guys were already at it. They’d unboxed the large hoodies/">hoodies and begun screen printing “God Is Dope” on them. This should be a record week of sorts for IS Studio. We’ve never attempted so many screen prints of t-shirts/">t-shirts and hoodies in such a short period. We’ve got a week