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Who Is Kaddy Kobain?

IS Studio screen printed graphic tees for Atlanta artist Kaddy Kobain. While printing his album tshirts we listened to the Nirvana tribute.

Custom Graphic T Shirts Screen Printed For The Democratic Party

IS Studio is honored to design and screen print graphic t shirts for the democratic party presidential race in 2020.

T-shirt Screen Printing For The NC Democratic Party

IS studio is t-shirt screen printing for the democratic party in Troutman, Iredell County, NC. The shirts fund raise for the 2020 race,

Covid-19 is Eviscerating The Atlanta Screen Printing Industry. Can the T Shirt Industry Survive?

The Atlanta screen printing industry has been virtually destroy. Can the profession survive the coronavirus?

More Screen Printed “God Is Dope” T Shirts Coming Soon!

We’re so blessed to be printing for “God Is Dope”. This week we’re printing thousands of T shirts to be sold in stores.

God Loves T Shirt Screen Printing

We’ve been screen printing a lot of T shirts for the faith based community! Get your custom clothing via IS Studio in Atlanta. Call 404-329-4543

Feeling Creative

I was feeling hella creative when I made this screen printed t-shirt for the equestrian charity “Riders Give Back”. Call 404-329-4543.

Screen Printing Courier: A Typical Day

A day in the life of a courier working with screen printing companies like IS Studio & the print industry in Atlanta, Georgia.