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“God Is Dope” T Shirt Screen Printed By IS Studio In Atlanta

IS Studio Screen Printing “God Is Dope” T Shirts We’ve been honored to screen print many tens of thousands of t shirts for God Is Dope. God is Dope is a local christian graphic tee boutique in downtown Atlanta. Our professionalism, speed, and accuracy of the print made us the brands first choice for printing.

Blue Vision T Shirt Screen Printed For 2020 Presidential Election

Another awesome graphic t shirt designed by Chris Bates and silk screen printed by IS Studio for the Iredell county democratic party. We were honored that they let us design for the party. The shirt was sold to fund raise for the 2020 presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

NC Democrats T Shirt Screen Printed For Iredell County Democratic Party

We enjoyed silk screen printing this design for the Iredell county democratic party. The graphic tee is a custom design by Chris Bates, founder of IS Studio. The t-shirt was printed and sold to fund raise money for the party during the 2020 presidential race.

Castleberry Hill Art Stroll Screen Printed T Shirt

IS Studio designed and screen printed this T shirt to create awareness of the Castleberry Art Stroll monthly event. It’s a showcase for local artists in the Castleberry district of Atlanta.

“Yung King Pinz” Album Art Screen Printed T Shirt

We screen printed this album art for local Atlanta rap music group, Yung King Pinz. Their music was pretty good too.

“You Are What You Eat” Screen Printed Sweat Suit

Another design we did for the Travis Love brand. Travis is one of our favorite designers. You can purchase his designs printed by us at TravisLoveArt.com.

“Brain Food” Screen Printed Black Hoodie

IS Studio custom designed and then printed this black hoodie for Travis Love, a local Atlanta artist.

One Music Fest Screen Printed T Shirt

J Carter of the iconic One Music Fest festival came to us to custom design and screen print this now infamous t shirt.

Potts Family Reunion Screen Printed T Shirt

One of our favorite prints over the years. IS Studio screen printed over 200 t shirts for a very large family reunion. The picture of them in those family tees was amazing. Felt good to be a part of that.

“Makin My Name” Screen Printed T Shirt

A local entrepreneur came to us to screen print this tee as his first product in a new clothing line he envisioned. IS Studio was proud to be a part of that.