Custom Graphic T Shirts Screen Printed For The Democratic Party

Custom Graphic T Shirts Screen Printed For The Democratic Party

Is Studio is grateful to work with Shawn Eckles, the chairman of the Iredell County Democratic Party, in Troutman, North Carolina.  The party is small and so fund raising can be a problem for either party in rural North Carolina. Being in a county where the population is spread over a wide area can make communicating any point of view difficult. Now, with covid-19 locking down the US citizens in unrelenting isolation, positive engagement with possible voters is nearly impossible. The only answer is the internet.

IS Studio designed and screen printed three new political t-shirts/">t-shirts with the idea of communicating our client’s displeasure with the current administration’s leadership during the coronavirus crisis. It combines the restlessness and desperation of the citizenry with the party leadership’s perceived grievances.

As a company, IS Studio, normally doesn’t take political stances. We print the ideas of others. It benefits us to be neutral. We need our employees to work together for the betterment of the company and leave them to their personal political leanings and ideologies in private. However the current situation affects both our industry and those whom IS Studio employs. Unlike our competitors¬†IS Studio had no option to shut down during the beginning of the crisis. Being a young business randomly servicing medium to small businesses we just didn’t have the capitol. Shutting down would have meant disappearing as a viable business permanently. But we’ve made it this far and feel that comprehensive testing is needed to conclusively tell Americans how big the Covid-19 problem is. Then responsible and most importantly informed decisions can be made by all.

Enter the Dying For Leadership t shirts and other progressively oriented merchandise. Most Americans are glued to their internet capable mobile phones, laptops, and tablets 24/7. This presents an opportunity to reach independents and democrats in an environment where they can consider the mistakes and missteps of the current leadership and where that is leading us.

The True Blue t shirts are for those that are already motivated by the party message. The Dying For A Leader tees are for those that think the current leadership isn’t getting it done right and want new leaders.

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